Monday, 16 April 2012

My Brand New Jewellery & Craft Book

Hello everyone, I hope you're well and have enjoyed the Easter break. I managed to have a few days rest which were well earned as I've just taken delivery of the shipment of my second book, 'Fantastic Shrink Plastic Jewellery & Crafts.'

It's a little departure from my usual metal clays but I love shrink plastic because it undergoes a magical transformation when you apply heat to it...just like metal clay!

I had so much fun putting this book together, I wanted it to be colourful and happy and all the designs in the book are a reflection of the mood I was in when I produced the designs and wrote the book. Most of all I wanted it to look very girly, the typesetter and printers were a little grumpy with me as I kept demanding just the right shade of pink and after many attempts we finally got there.

So here's the very rough photograph taken on my Iphone just after the books arrived on a huge pallet on my driveway. They are now being spirited off to Beads Direct who will have the exclusive rights to sell the book. I have also produced a range of kits to accompany the book in my brand name 'by Natalia'. It's been a very exciting time and I have loved working with Beads Direct throughout the process. We've also filmed some special shrink plastic jewellery projects which will be free to view on Beads Direct TV.

I'm very excited about this new venture and I'll let you know as soon as the book, videos and kits are launched which will be very watch this space!