Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It's been such a hectic week here. I'm off for the rest of the week to do some work in Sheffield, London and then Create & Craft TV in Peterborough. I've had so much preparation to do for each piece of work, as each one is radically different, but I couldn't dash off without updating the blog.

David has taken some lovely photos of the shrink plastic jewellery I've been making for my first shrink plastic show on Create & Craft TV on Saturday (6th February). I'll be on at 10am and I'm praying that my plastic behaves itself and uncurls and flattens beautifully for live TV!

I hope you like some of the things I've been working's a special sneak preview just for you.

I shall be back next week to come up for air and start blogging again in earnest...and doing some much needed silver clay work again. Roll on Monday!

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  1. Hi Natalia I managed to track you down by googling Natalia shrink plastic ring. I watched your show this morning and I am currently waiting for my shrink plastic ring to dry so I will leave a link when I have blogged it. Your show this morning was so inspirational and so is your blog. Thanks for sharing hugs Pascale x