Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Brand New Textures from Helen Breil

I was so excited to receive my first shipment of Helen Briel textures and they are now exculsively on sale in our on-line shop.

Helen Breil is a Canadian polymer clay artist whose work I admire greatly. She designed this range of rubber textures and they are breathtakingly beautiful. I'm proud to say that these textures are only available in the UK from Silver Clay Creations.

Here are a few examples of the texture designs. I do love them all as they produce some incredible results and they are so different to the run-of-the-mill textures that everyone else seems to be using. So if you want your work to have an exclusive look, these are definitely the textures to invest in. The price for each texture mat is £12.99. This represents excellent value for money as you can see just how many designs are included within each rubber texture mat. They are ideal for using in polymer clay and silver clay as they have a very good depth and the clarity of the design is perfect.

I wanted to share some examples of pieces I've made using these textures and also some pieces
from Helen Breil's beautiful collection of polymer clay designs. You can find out more about Helen Breil and see the full gallery of her work by visiting her website

The range of textures are now on sale at Silver Clay Creations on-line shop please click here to see the designs and prices.

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