Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Copper & Bronze Clay DVD

I have been a little quiet of late because I've been working away in the background on my brand new DVD 'Captivating Copper & Beautiful Bronze Clay'. I created six new designs for this DVD and working so much with these two clays has given me new found respect for them. I've learned an enormous amount in the process of creating this DVD, so it's been a perfect opportunity. I've expanded my own range of skills and knowledge in working with these clays, which I take great pleasure in passing on to you.

Here is a still image from the DVD where I'm firing a copper clay earring with a gas torch. I love brandishing the torch and seeing the clay turn to metal, it's alchemy at its finest and no need to be scared of melting the metal, copper and bronze need a lot of heat so the challenge is keeping it hot enough!

In the DVD I'll be showing you how to make small projects that can be torch fired and larger pieces that go into a kiln. I'll also be sharing how to add accents of silver clay to your copper and bronze clay pieces. We ended up with 108 minutes running time, "it's as long as a feature film" my camerman Tim keeps telling me. I'm thrilled about that because I wanted to pass on as much information as possible so that you all feel very confident to start using these clays and achieve some fantastic results.

I'll let you know as soon as the DVD is due for release. I'm hoping it will be out on sale in time for my birthday on 5th June...fingers crossed!

Lots of love,


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