Thursday, 12 November 2009

Cutting Out Shapes

I found a great new tool yesterday, the Helix shape template. I've been using cookie cutters to cut different shapes into the clay but they're never quite the right size for what I need so I end up having to accumulate loads of them.

The Helix shape templates have every size of circle, square, oval, etc. that you'll ever need. Simply place the template on top of your clay and cut around the shape using a clay pick or craft knife. You can get these templates from stationary shops such as WH Smith and Staples.


  1. I was looking at these yesterday in an art shop in Guisbrough Natalia, thinking the same thing as you...bigger circles ...wasnt sure if they'd be ok to use but ill go back and get some now.

  2. These really are a good alternative to cutters. To get the hang of cutting your shapes out, practice using some play dough or Fimo modelling clay. It does drag a little bit but you can smooth it all down with your sanding sponge when the clay has dried out.

    Have fun!