Friday, 20 November 2009

Miraculous Metals

I really love silver! Working with it, wearing it looking at's fun to find out about the symbolism of different things and I really enjoyed discovering that silver is supposed to mirror the soul and helps us become more intuitive. It's also one of the most reflective metals and the best conductor of heat and electricity.

Silver is also a healing metal as it has antibacterial properties and is used in so many different ways in the medical profession from being impregnated in bandages and as a lining for breathing tubes and catheters. Don't you just love it!

To add a little interest to your work, it's worth considering adding some gold accent. You can do this with gold leaf using the Keum Boo method, where you heat the silver up and burnish the gold leaf onto it. Gold is the most precious of metals and signifies perfection as it is found in a relatively pure formin nature and needs little refinement.
It symbolises wealth, success, prosperity, abundance and good fortune. So if you need to attract some of these into your life, it's probably worth adding a little gold here and there!

I'm planning to add some information here shortly about Keum Boo as it's very straightforward to do but it adds so much.

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