Thursday, 19 November 2009

Scrap Silver

Just wanted to remind you that all those bits of silver that you accumulate should never be relegated to the back of the drawer or heaven forbid, the bin! Your scrap silver is worth valuable pennies so what you need to do is this:
  • Find a nice little jar
  • Fill it with pieces of scrap silver, for example, this can be objects you've created that you don't like, anything that breaks and is unrepairable, etc.
  • When you've accumulated a little stash of silver contact Cookson Gold about their scrap services. You can exchange your scrap for cash or have a credit put on your Cookson Gold account (Cookson have every jewellery making tool under the sun so you'll be spoilt for choice about what to spend it on!)
Contact: Simon Dreher if you'd like further information:
Cookson Gold,
59 - 83 Vittoria Street, Birmingham, B1 3NZ
Tel : 0121 212 6420

Email :

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