Monday, 23 November 2009

Yummy Beads!

This weekend I've been on a beading frenzy. I happened to be at a meeting in Cleckheaton and looking at my sat nav, found that I was only 2 miles away from my favourite bead shop, Bedazzled Beads in Heckmondwike, so I couldn't resist paying them a visit. The last time I was there I spent a fortune, so I do try to ration my visits and this time was just as compulsive.

The yummy beads look good enough to eat an
d all that colour gets my heart pounding. So as predicted, I soon found myself pouring beads into my little basket and making numerous trips to the counter with each stash. But my visit hasn't been in vain as it gave me a creativity boost and I did lots of work over the weekend just pulling together pieces of silver jewellery that had been sitting in the bottom of a box waiting for some magic to happen.

I'm quite pleased with these shells that I'd made from a mould and didn't really know what to do with. They've been given a new lease of life with some glass beads (onl
y 10p each!) and some earring wires.

On my beading travels, I found some beautiful golden angel's wings and turned them into a host of angelic angels that I'll be giving away to my friends and family as gifts this Christmas. A couple of these will also be gracing my tree this year. I wanted some in silver but they'd all sold out, so now I may have to take a mould and make my own extra precious silver angels!

I must just say a big thank you as always to David for taking these beautiful photos...what would I do without you!

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