Monday, 19 April 2010

Two New Products!!! Art clay Silver Lite & Glass Clay

I've just heard that there are two brand new products being launched that I'm sure we'll all want to know more about.

The first is Art clay Silver Lite. This is fine silver particles mixed with glass to make it 40% lighter than a comparable piece made with art clay. I would imagine it's great for larger pieces and as it's 93% silver instead of 99.9% then I'm expecting it will be cheaper too. The downside is it can only be kiln fired (750 degrees for 10 minutes) and is slightly weaker than Art Clay Silver. Watch this space until I find out more!

Glass clay is a clay-like substane that consists of fine glass powder and organic binders. It can be fired in a kiln and becomes solid glass. It sounds rather exciting to me and I shall be doing lots more investigating to see if it's a product that will work well in jewellery making.

I'm on the case readers so hope it's not too long before I can report back!

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  1. They both sound like really exciting additions to the range - can't wait to hear more about them!